Valentina VidrascuSince 1999, when she launched her first collection inspired by the traditional Romanian costume, Valentina Vidraşcu has continued to reverently create collections that harness the national port and its symbols, giving a new identity to clothing pieces such as lace, cattery, bunch, girdle. Valentina Vidraşcu’s creations combine technique and rigor concerning the value of the traditional costume in their fine fabric.

“IA was created and crafted for centuries by the Romanian peasant’s artistic sense. I wish that every Romanian woman would have one in their wardrobe, not only as a form of belonging to the Romanian tradition and space but also as an element of authenticity and novelty in the contemporary landscape. “


All these years, the Bessarabian designer has persevered in styles and stylized dresses, offering all lovers of beauty a product that breathes authenticity and refined modernity. Valentina Vidrascu’s creations preserve the tradition, being handcrafted and made from natural materials, that add modern classical accents through the inventive use of precious materials such as lace, silk, velvet, etc.

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